About College

About College:

It’s a Matter of joy for College that being located in vananchal/tribal area of state Chhattisgarh. Government Engineering College Jagdalpur has successfully completed its 35 years tenure. The college, set up with a goal to make the youth of Bastar area proficient in technical field, not only reached a milestone of completing its 35 years in a tribal dominated area of Bastar, but also the exposition achieved full success in its goal. Having received education from this college, Thousands of students have received golden opportunities of life and they along with science and technology are giving their involvements in various other fields for the development of our country.

 Establishment year: 01/03/1983

 Govt. Engineering College was established on 01 march 1983. The college started with just an entrance capacity of 20 in civil engineering. After a year in 1984, Mechanical engineering was started with a capacity of 30. In the year 2000, electronics and IT branch were started with an entrance capacity of 30 each. In 2005-06, electrical engineering was started with an admission capacity of 30 students. In the year 2010 the intake capacity of civil engineering and electronics and telecommunication engineering were increased to 60, which was 30 in the beginning. The Institute is affiliated to Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekananda Technical University (CSVTU) and bringing laurels to the University. GEC Jagdalpur offers 6 undergraduate and 2 post-graduate courses. Two post-graduate courses as structural engineering in civil and thermal engineering in mechanical with capacities of 18-18 respectively.

 Campus -

The college campus is spread across an area of 69 acres. It is located in between Dharampura, Negigudha, Ghatpadmoor and Kalipur. The college campus is surrounded by walls and has three entrance, the main entrance opens in front of Bastar university, second entrance is arrived on the Chitrakote road and the other opens towards residential complex. 


 The main administrative building contains Office, Account section, college library, Exam section and Swayam prabha room. The current campus contains Civil building, Electrical building, Mechanical building, Mining building, IT building and Electronics & Telecommunication building where respective departments are being run. The current campus has a workshop where along with Physics and Chemistry departments are being run.

 Residential Area:

The college has its own residential complex which has 34 residential quarters that includes Type B -1, C- type 1, type D - 3 , E- type - 4 , F- Type - 14 , G- type - 2 , H type 4, I type 5 where officers and employees of college resides.

Hostel - The institute campus has new & old boys hostel and old girls hostel. Depending upon the requirement, New Girls Hostel is also being constructing. The construction of this hostel will also be completed very soon.


Students of this institute are employed across the world in good terms. Maximum of the students get placed every year.




The college library houses around 50,000 books. Books have been purchased according to various courses offered. Magazines and newspapers are subscribed in the library.

  Equipments devices and softwares:

  All the departments of college are equipped with modern equipments and software . Students are given practical training through various equipments.

Sports and Personality Development :

To develop the personality of students and to master various kinds of sports, appropriate arrangements are there in college. All kinds of Gym equipments, Badminton court, Cricket , Kho Kho , Volleyball , Basketball , Football ground etc. are available. All kind of sports utility are provided to students. Through the NSS unit , students are infused with the spirit of service. Girls NSS wing is being installed.

Special Facilities :

Special facilities such as scholarships, merit scholarships, minority scholarships, Book Bank facility, Special coaching etc are readily made available to students.

 Internet Facilities:

The college campus is well equipped with high speed internet facilities and Wi-Fi facility is also made available. All computers have internet access. In addition, each student is provided with net facilities in the laptop so that they can take advantage of available study materials.